# Introduction to WINkLink

WINkLink is a decentralized oracle project that operates on the TRON network. For more information about the TRON Network and its development basics, please visit TRON Developer Hub (opens new window)

# What is Oracle

For quite some time, smart contracts powered by blockchain have been unable to directly communicate with external systems, which has limited the variety of smart contract-based applications.

The introduction of an oracle provides a solution to connect smart contracts with the outside world. However, most oracles on the market are currently centralized, which exposes corresponding smart contracts to the risk of a single point of failure, compromising the benefits promised by their decentralized nature.

To address this issue, WINkLink has created a decentralized oracle project that provides external data for smart contracts. It connects smart contracts with various real-life events while ensuring a high level of security and reliability

With the sharp rise of various DeFi applications, a stable and reliable decentralized oracle service is essential for premium DeFi projects. This is where WINkLink comes in, as it addresses the needs of TRON-based smart contracts to access external data.

Depending on the role you want to assume in the WINkLink ecosystem, you can choose to do the following:

# Community

Welcome to the WINkLink ecosystem.